About Zongyi

Solar farms are popping up across the country. An energy tax credit, combined with utility and local solar incentives have created a prosperous environment for investment in solar farm technology.

Solar farms can take on many forms. Zongyi’s focus is on PV (photovoltaic) solar farms, that are built utilizing thousands of panels mounted on large racks in a field.

Installation of a solar farm is a big task. But like most construction projects, the build is simplified by delegating specific needs to companies specializing in their respective trades. (Fencing, Post driving, Trenching, Laying, Panels, Wiring, etc.)

At Zongyi, we are building Solar Farms that will not only supply clean green energy but also make a concerted effort to customize each solar farm so that it can reach its full potential. We use the best tools the market has to offer, to ensure that our farms are durable and long lasting. We put in the hard work to create a reliable system that will create clean, green electricity for decades.